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Memories Fade

Little red bricks played Tetris on the path to all of my college classes. Hues of concrete grey and rusty red saturated each block of pavement. Some days, I’d find a few plastered in moss or chaotic drawings.

I always felt safe listening to the clacks of my shoes against the zig-zag walkway with trees soaring above. Sometimes, when I ventured through campus, I found a secret trail or a sculpture with hidden meaning.

However, there was a place that I loved above all spots on campus. Outside the corridors and behind the buildings laid one of the many pathways to a huge forest park called the Arboretum. I probably spent a hundred evenings roaming its concealed trails and finding hidden gems!

When COVID hit, I missed exploring Western’s campus so much. As time passed, I became somewhat used to online classes. I’d wake up to the jingles of my phone and slowly but surely, drag myself out of bed. Then, I’d plop in front of my computer with tangled hair and a WWU sweatshirt. When I finally stepped foot on Western grounds again, I was stunned by how gorgeous everything was.

As our memories fade, we forget life’s most beautiful moments. This story is my promise to Western that I will never forget you (and a picture to help).

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