• Digitaylor

April Fools!

Preface: A few months ago, I came up with a silly April Fool's Day post for LocalGood. As all great ideas are derived, I was lying awake at night letting my mind wander. I wanted to make this scary, but I knew some viewers wouldn't be able to handle the heat. ;) Hence, the first line. After receiving approval from my boss (just to be safe), I published the post. Enjoy!


Due to a series of unfortunate events, we are shutting down LocalGood. The founder is being held hostage and many artists have gone missing. At 5:24pm, an anonymous caller reported the suspect in question as wearing yellow with black stripes. Neighbors and nearby pedestrians claimed they heard a loud buzzing noise right before each artist disappeared. At 6:47pm, another artist reported their house was drenched in honey! The police are searching the perimeter of the home to find more clues, while keeping a close eye on the artist.

Stay safe LocalGood community and Happy April Fools!

Buzz Buzz 🐝